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Online talks

Via Zoom and available on YouTube

We currently offer our numismatic lectures and workshops as online lectures. You will find summaries regularly on this page. If you want to attend the lectures live, please use the registration links below:


View online talks
Available on YouTube! Watch now for free

Technical notes

Each of you has the possibility to participate in the lecture with an internet-capable PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone. There is only a small effort when using it for the first time. When you turn on your device and open the internet browser of your choice, all you need to do is open the link sent to you and you will be asked to install the Zoom program.

Further steps to participate in the lecture:

1) Confirm the user prompts required by the program and whether you are ready to actually open the program.

2) A download will take place, usually displayed at the bottom of the browser. If applicable, the installation will be started immediately after the download is finished, otherwise please click on the download to start the same.

3) After a short time it will be announced that “Zoom” is now ready and you can join a meeting. Again: Either the above address will be made available immediately, or you will be asked in a small window with two lines of input: – Which meeting number do you want to attend? To be announced – Under which name you want to be displayed in the meeting.

4) Afterwards, a “preview” window may open, which you should close in order to join the meeting completely. Depending on the device you are using, the video camera and microphone are already built in and can be used immediately. The program normally activates the video immediately, but keeps the microphone on “mute” for the time being.

You can turn both options (video/microphone) on or off at the bottom left of the window. If a function should be disabled, or you want to disable it, click on the corresponding icon, which is crossed out with a red line. If you are using a PC, you usually have a speaker or headphones available, but rarely a microphone. Then you can still follow the meeting – you hear everything – but you cannot (yet) contribute yourself. Therefore, please stay digitally at the presentation in the lecture room and meet us there, even if we can’t see you! There are several named functions in the bottom row, including “Chat”. Even without video/microphone, you can always express yourself in writing, which you can send to all or only to certain participants. Good luck and good presentations!