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Leipziger Münzhandlung und Auktion Heidrun Höhn e. K. is a family business established on 1 July 1990 by numismatist Heidrun Höhn († 2010).

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A passionate coin collector ever since her childhood, in East Germany Heidrun Höhn headed the Department of Numismatics at the state art trading organization in Leipzig. German reunification finally gave her the opportunity to use her expertise and contacts to set herself up in business.

On 17 and 18 June 1991, the fledgling firm held the first of its many successful coin auctions. The catalogue featured 2,578 lots.

Since then, we have organized gallery auctions twice a year, each with about 4,000 items up for auction.

Since 2015, we have also hosted regular e-live auctions conducted exclusively on the Internet. You can bid live in real time and follow the auction online. Our e-live auctions offer the wide numismatic variety also found in our catalogues. Inexpensive items and space fillers are also auctioned off on the web, too.

Nowadays, the business is located at Nikolaistrasse 25 in Leipzig. It has a large showroom 70 square metres in size as well as 260 square metres of office space. The largest coin auction house in central Germany, it’s also one of the top ten in Germany as a whole.

Proprietor Manfred Höhn is joined by his daughters Christina and Saskia Höhn as well as seven other members of staff. In addition to taking degrees in history and business administration, Christina and Saskia Höhn have worked in the firm ever since they grew up, receiving thorough training in numismatics. Alongside the Höhns, the team includes three more expert numismatists. We’re also delighted to have enough space on the premises for our extensive numismatic library.

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Sharing knowledge and networking with the numismatic world as well as transparency and uniform quality assurance are important to us. We’re therefore a member of the following associations:


Our auctions are augmented by a current stock list, which is available as a printed catalogue, and an online shop on this website, where the stock is constantly updated.
In our bricks-and-mortar store, from Monday to Saturday you can browse a selection of over 5,000 items for sale or seek advice from our staff. You can also discuss whether to sell items and collections directly or have them consigned to one of our auctions – although we recommend making an appointment in advance.

The firm was admitted to the Association of German Coin Dealers in 1993 and joined the International Association of Professional Numismatists (IAPN) in 2003. Given our interest in numismatics, for decades we’ve been actively involved in various numismatic associations and bodies such as the Society for Thuringian Coins and Medals and the Saxon Numismatic Society.